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I was just reading something about Oklahoma requiring the all drivers test be printed in english, and only in english. I actually don't have a problem with this. If I moved to Mexico, I would learn spanish, to France, I'd learn french, to China, I'd hire an interpreter };-> Do you think this is a reasonable requirement? Or not?

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saw an advertisement for a Driving School that claimed it could teach anyone to drive a car in ten minutes. I 'phoned the school and asked, 'How can you possibly teach anyone to drive in only ten minutes?' The Driving School receptionist said, "it's a crash course.'

There are quite a few drivers out there who would qualify for a Braille test....and flunk it.

"None are so blind as those who will not look up because they're too busy texting."


See that every day...:-/

Well, they do have braille on drive up ATMs...

And places a blind person mat not want to touch.


I read that wrong the first time.....

Not a problem Bob. I'm pretty sure most blind guys still wanna touch hot...

ahhh, umm, you know...glass. 

Hi Eddie!




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