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I notice there are more older blondes these days. Do blondes live longer or just easier the dye gray blonde?

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Are there really more blondes?  Gray hair is tough to dye any color.  I do an every other month thing and the gray ones just tend to stay gray.  The ones that don't need it absorb the color.

I have not tried to dye my hair.  Kinda salt and pepper look.  I figured gray would accept color easier.


There can never be TOO MANY blondes......or brunettes.......or redheads.

Gray?  Well that's what I have....I guess its OK on the ladies too.

You guess???? I bet I can accurately predict how many female hearts you are going to win with that statement. 

Some former brunettes go blonder as they get grayer.

Blonde here.  Gray does not show up as much on blonde hair.  It is a good color for middle agers.

Latest research indicates they live longer when horizontal rather than vertical.

Or hanging from one of those inverted exercise thingies.


I think it's easier to go blonde for those who were "born blonde".

I was born the blonde baby of a red-headed Norwegian and a "black" Dane.

My dad and his sisters were born blonde, were dark-haired adults, and all the aunts chose to be blondes in their later years.

As I grew older I became more a strawberry blonde/redhead.

In my 40's I started to get "blonder" until in my late 60's I am as you see me.

Sometimes it looks blonde to me and others see me as white-haired.  There's still color there, but it's pale.

My mom became a pink-haired old lady.  My dad looked distinguished with his full head of white hair.

There is baldness in my family, too.    

One grandfather was bald in his 30's and an aunt died in her 80's with her wig on.

It could have gone that way, but it didn't.

I'm grateful for my good-hair genes.  

Good Hair Gene, sounds like a politician.

I used to be blond.  My hair got dark as I got older, but now it's shorter, too.  I think I've cut off all the sun-bleached parts.




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