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.....Yooperfest Meetup?

Well, no I didn't forget....I got busy with family and friends and work, and pretty soon, a month had gone by.  So without further ado, here what went down in Baraga, Michigan, August 14th.


Here's where the Meetup was held, the Ojibwa Casino.  We went around back to the attached hotel, and had a very nice lunch.  There were no official gambling events scheduled, however that evening I did donate $60 for a free ball cap.


Here we have a group picture, cheerfully taken by a senior citizen-type lady passerby.  From left to right, we have Jolene (JoJo), Mr Stretchy and Stir.


Here we have Mr Stretchy posing with JoJo.  I think he was trying to get JoJo's phone number, or maybe inviting himself to Nordakoda.

After the official events, I mean event, was over, Mr Stretchy went back to the motel room and proceeded to contact a few of those chicks with whom he has cultivated on line relationships.  He tells 'em what they want to hear, I guess.


It was nice meeting JoJo.  She was gonna be in the U.P. visiting relatives, and I was gonna be about sixty miles away on family matters, so it just made good sense to have a Yooper Meetup.  What we lacked in quantity of attendees, we more than made up for in quality (well, factoring out Mr Stretchy, we were a quality group)  JoJo is a very nice lady, and if you're ever in her neck of the woods in Nordakoda, you'd better stop in and give her your howdies.  For that matter, if you're ever in my neck of The Leelanau, you'd better look me up too.

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Stretchy is such a  player.....!!!!  Reminds me so much of a certain lizard on TBD1....naughty, naughty boys...playing on the girls with such abandon!

Jo looks happy to meet you....what a kidder...;-)


I'm glad you had a good time and didn't loose too much moola!

Mr Stretchy claims to be an amphibian.

Well I didn't give Stretchy my number even though he tried. Meeting Stir, Gary, Wannabeyooper was a pleasure very glad I had the chance. Very nice guy and such a gentleman. Hopefully next time we have a UP meet up we can get some more people up there.

What he said is true if ever passing through Bismarck ND give a shout I would love to meet you.



PS I am currrently styling some pants for Mr Stretchy that little lizard is just obscene, I don't care if the gecko from geico does wear them or not.


It looks like the 3 of you had a great time. And Jolene didn't give Mr. Stretchy her number, but she appears to be fondling his personal stuff in pic 2.
Thats picture two from the bottom, right Tee?

Well, I'm not sure Stir, as I am easily confused. But I think she's got a hold of his bottom all right.

Excuse me, I was covering his junk so it wouldn't be in the picture.
So you might say that JoJo was doing pubic service.....I mean public,  thats public,  service!

OH, It all makes perfect sense now.


Would have loved to have met Jolene and seen Mr Stretchy and you again. The timing didn't work out for us. But there's always Florida in February.

Hopefully we'll be able to make the next UP meet-up...I'd love to meet Jolene and see Stir again... And of course I can't forget good ole Mr. Stretchy!!! I wonder if Mr. Stretchy remembers hitching a ride with Larry and me when we went to Canada to visit Maria and her mom, Lynn??  I bet he remembers that, for sure!!! LOL

Oh trust me, Kittycat.....Mr Stretchy remembers...he remembers any time he's been within a foot of some boobs!   LOL!




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