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Hi All, 

I am doing research for a book I have been writing but I think this will be fun to!!!! Please tell us your funny or
weird dating stories. Every time I bring this up with someone that has
been dating they have some to tell. The odd person they met on line, the
crazy date they went on, the strange person some fixed them up with,

Thank you all for joining in


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My dating history is a long string of one time dates.  

I guess it's been all about the thrill of the hunt.

Either that, or I was talking the talk, but not walking the walk.


This wasn't a date, but it was a weird waste of time:

It was the last day of the quarter at my university and I was reading in the lounge area of the student union.  This guy sat down nearby and started a conversation with me about the weather.  No surprise there.  But he proceeded to talk about the weather for HOURS.  He was a meteorology student.  Obviously, he could not have been that boring, but I was amazed that someone could go on for that long just about the weather.  I think I eventually must have said I had to go home.  Everybody else was leaving.

I was known for being a good listener then.




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