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I'm pretty sure there was a time when what you said was what you meant. For example, if you said "I'll be there at 10oclock", you were actually there. If a politician said "This is a once time tax to pay for the new bridge.", they actually meant it was ONE TIME, not one time per year for the rest of your life. When a business offered a service and named the price, that was it. It wasn't that price PLUS, start up fees, activation fees, service fees, usage fees, non-usage fees, automatic (and unrequested) upgrade fees, etc, etc, etc.  My question is this; What do you suppose happend to the concept of saying what you mean and meaning what you say?

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Yes, Steve, I told some little white lies as a kid.....no one is perfect, didn't mean to sound that way. Never lied to my parents though, cause in the small farming town I grew up in everything you did was common knowledge and if my Daddy found out about it, like yours, there would be Hell to pay.
I'm just saying I didn't get a warm, fuzzy feeling from your story. You were guilty of defacing private property, expensive private property, and by letting you off, Uncle Weldon just perpetuated your wrong-doing giving the impression at an early age that that type of behaviour would be tolerated and was ok as long as no one found out.
I'm through....
Still not seeing it...
Okay...I lied from time to time...got caught...not got caught. Learned a lesson in the in between..do not lie...it's bad...feels crappy to get caught...feels crappy to not get caught..
My original answer.........money.




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