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Crud Bum.......its a term that came into our family back when I was a kid.  I don't know how we came to find or use this term......it seems to have been around forever. 

A crud bum was an unkempt person, disheveled, unsavory, and maybe disreputable.  My mother still uses the term.

So what term or phrase did you use when you were growing up?  What was unique to your family or neighborhood?

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we had quite an array of names to call each other, some of which I still don't know

the meaning of. 'Pud', and 'Dingleberry' are two examples. They are both light-hearted

cuts on the other persons personality. Did any of you use these terms?

We used to say "Crum Bum" when we were frustrated as a substituted for...well...for taking someone's name in vain.

My ex-husband used to use the expression "pulling my 'pud'...meaning he wasn't doing anything or just (oh my) 'jerking off'', so I think you were calling each other D***s.  A dingleberry *blush* is a little piece of excrement that hangs from the derriere of an animal and has become hard and dry.

Oh dear...I better get to church.

"Bud Rudy"......that was another one we used...its origin is lost to history.  We used to call each other Bud Rudy, somewhat derisively, but we also used it as a mild expletive, roughly equivilent to "bullsh*t!".

My dad used to call toddlers, and those up to maybe five years old, "Little Bud".  It was gender specific to boys, I suppose because that's all we had in the family. 

When i was young my mother would make for me a dish she called "Goggy-Egg".  This comprised of one or two boiled eggs, shelled, placed in a cup and mixed with butter or margerine and seasoned.  I still have it occasionaly even now, it reminds me of happier days.

Goggy Egg sounds pretty good, I may just try that sometime.  Thanks for sharing.

Sounds like the soft boiled eggs that I used to eat, but we'd mush them up with salt and pepper and put a bite on a piece of buttered toast instead of adding the butter to the egg.  Yum!

I remember crud bum, pud and dingleberry. And I can remember my mom telling me that I was cruising for a bruising.

When I grew up anyone north of Waco Texas was considered a Yankee.

In the north country, we call someone a Jackpine Savage if they unkempt, uncouth, or lacking in basic social skills.

I wonder if that's something like a Stump Jumper in da Yoop, D.D.?


HI D.D. !!!!




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