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Let's imagine that you are a person who has heard about social networking and think maybe you will give it a try. You are in your mid 50s and would like to connect with people somewhere near your age for discussions, playing games, finding out more about various things available to people in your age group and possibly even dating.


How would you go about it? Do you think you would ever find TBD?


Try it. If you had some but not extensive knowledge about how to use the internet and wanted to try social networking; how would you go about it?


How would you find TBD?

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I found TBDv1 in an ad on FB. How ironic is that???

As an example if searching for "over 40 networking sites" we are listed - (under "t" ) but unfortunately - not the way we need to be.

As it stands, unless people know about us through word of mouth or as a written recommendation, it is difficult to find us. I have "stumbled up" this site in "StumbleUpon" and also in "Delicious" but without using a badge (hint hint) it's hard to "market" this site anywhere else other than just using the URL.

If we get our contest going for a fresh tag line for our "badge" then I can't imagine that Robin would deny us a change - it's not difficult to do - but we need to all agree on the wording. Pasting a badge in one's blogs, stumble, facebook page, twitter, etc. is a sure way for people to find us. For every one person who posts a badge - at least ten people will hit it out of curiosity.

Perhaps Chez can start this contest soon as we have voted her in charge of organizing it? Not sure if she has agreed to our vote ?!?

As an example if searching for "over 40 networking sites" we are listed - (under "t" ) but unfortunately - not the way we need to be.

What a shame. The link needs to be updated, since it falls into something totally unrelated to us - perhaps the group who bought Robin's domain name? This is a cobweb in our corner.
I found TBD1 from reading an on-line article about sites for over 40s, 50s and 60s folks. At the time I was joining any site I could find to help me find people I worked with in 1969. I might add, I never found a single soul using that method.

Now, I guess one would need to know the Ning connection to find it by Googling.
I went to Ning and looked at their "networking" section and still couldn't find it.
I keep thinking back to that communique we received back when TBD1 announced they were ceasing operations.......a "landing strip" site had been established on Ning. The object at that time seemed to be to provide a place to go for the existing TBD members, should they desire to stay together. It was a reprieve.....and realistically, I wouldn't think that marketability of the Ning site was high on a priority list. The establishment of the "landing strip" was a nice gesture, and I'm thankful it was done. I haven't a clue what could be done, if anything, to grow the TBD/Ning site.
Well, the weather up there ought to be warm enough to reopen the cyber patio.
I would have found it as an ad on another site, most likely.
I learned about TBD1 on a discussion on Eons.
You're right, Robbie, when I google 'social network over 40', I get only TBD1. *snif*
This was how I found it the first time!

How can we get something going so we can show up as our current incarnation? Anybody smart about these things? Do we need an article in the Houston papers?

*wink wink*
I found TBD a couple of years ago from one of those ads to the right of my home page on Facebook. I thought I'd give it a try, and I'm glad I did. Those ads are no longer on Facebook.
So I posted a direct link to TBD's "main" page and this is what showed up under the link:
a home for TBD members. Sorry, no community/technical support except as provided by members and by help.ning.com.
Again, not as inviting as it could be.
You got it. This is the crux of the problem: we need a new motto, invitation, whatever, to replace that! Put on thinking caps, please?




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