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Whats the last song, Tv Vid, or on-line tune you listened to?..If you cant remember, what do you feel like listening to & if you dont feel like listening to anything, what is one of your all time favorite tunes?..Take your pic.....It's Blast it  time in the old TBd music room tonight.... So hit it peeps This is what I just listened to......It's actually on my profile right now.

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Crap, I always forget how to do this here.  I've been throwing out some Warren Zevon over on FB tonight.  My cousin Mitch and my good buddy George love it.  so do I.

I have a Warren Zevon CD here at home..My friend made it for me. Actually the My s**t's fu**ed up song comes to mind every time I hear his name..shame about his dieing.
Anything is safe with me, but you know me..I'm easy...Whats in it?
Thinking about the Middle East....
Excellent Jaylee...Great choice...My sentiments exactly.....

Hmmmmm....Good thinkin....

Heard this played yesterday on a local college radio station in celebration of Enrico Caruso's birthday.


Very nice funes,  thanks!
Funes..You really do know how to put a smile on a persons face & get their day started off w/ a bang.
I hope that doesn't mean I'm morphing into a "People Pleaser" type. :-)
Gawd Fobid.




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