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My Mother had Angioplasty today and had an 80% blockage corrected with a stent.  You can't imagine how grateful I am that I can celebrate her birthday , 1  day after mine. Best present I have ever received....or ever will !!!  Got everything I want now! Irreplaceable JOY!

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What wonderful news!
Happy birthday to both of you ;-)
Thank you Quinn, Been a long day, lots of angst, perfect outcome. :))
Fantastic Craig!! Happy Birthday to you both! xo
Thanks Pru and Maria...long day, going to bed, good night everyone.
How wonderful for both of you. Happy birthday Craig and many more to you and Mom!
What great news, Craig!!! I'm so happy for you and your mom... Happy birthday to you and of course an even Happier birthday to your Mother!!!
And once more, a salute to Craig and his mom on their birthdays!

Fantastic! Happy Birthdays.
What a wonderful present, hope you got some rest and have a fantastic day celebrating.
Ditto what everybody said here Craig! Even the (hugs).




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