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Plant food, build Harleys, target practice,......tennis anyone?

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Loving my wife. Whoops, that's not a hobby, more like an obsession. Hobby, probably seeing how many dofferent plants I can grow. Right now, about 8 or 10 different cacti, 10 or 12 different palms, a bunch of tropicals, including birds of paradise, and plumeria, (lei plants) pineapples, lemons, limes, tomatoes, peppers, and the list goes on.

That's what we were put on this earth to do, if I'm not mistaken. No Apples?


I love how big you love your wife, Tee. '-)

I read. And knit.

I ski a little and play a little tennis.

Cooking is a hobby I guess...I sometimes spend all day on Sundays in the winter trying out new recipes.

One of my hobbies is figuring out the legacy Chez Moi left us as the Q & A graphic, and I think I finally just got it all accurately. I think we've been a little off the mark in our previous attempts. So, to begin with - we've thought the first pic was birds, but on closer look, I do believe they're fish! Here's my latest try at it -


Fishing ewe a mare egrit moose panda hippo gnu deer.


By Jove, I think I've got it! '-)

It was all well and good and sweet for awhile.......now i just want it to go away.

Christmas was a while back, wasn't it, Bob?

Robbie's a mod, right? Can he change it?

I think d's got it alright.......
hahaha '-)

I plant stuff..A few tropicals, some flowers, I didnt plant a lot of veges this year but I did fill up one of my gardens w/three different types of Tomatoes, I have rosemary, & just planted aloe. 

I do crafts....I esp. like jewelry making, recently started doing  wire wrapping , & I like to walk Floridas Natural lands trails.....You gotta be careful..I hear those snake guards for your ankles dont work..not that I had any to begin with.

I like to plant stuff, too, caseyjo, although I haven't done much since moving back to Atlanta.

I enjoy landscape projects, interior decorating projects, yoga, word games, walking. And I've recently taken up bicycling. We'll see if that takes hold & becomes a past time. I also like reading poetry.

...and saving the world in minute little ways. '-)

I have little time for hobbies right now, but I do ride my harley when I have time. I also love singing at one of the local bars. Life is good, I just have to find a few extra hours for the day!!!--oh I sing modern country--yea ya




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