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Are any of you guys putting away your old standby clothes in favor of, well, more sensible or stylish clothes? 


Its just dawned on me, I haven't worn a wife beater even once this summer.  Its been such a none issue that I didn't even realize it 'til the morning.


Now I'm wondering if somehow, somewhere, I had a "style-chip" implanted without my knowledge.


I always thought I had the physique to wear the wife beater, although in later years others mostly said or thought "e-w-w-w-w, its an old guy with a rounded body and pasty white skin grossing us out".


I dunno, I may come home after working at the rib joint this morning, pull down all the blinds, and sit around in the wife beater and shorts, listening to my one day stubble beard grow and drinking cheap beer and farting and belching.  Oh, and scratching too, and watching ESPN.

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Did Cowboy Cut Wranglers ever go out of style?
Never have....never will....
I'm going to California for a little vacation, so I am thinking Pajamas and flip flops for Chicago O'Hare and then something more casual when I get to CA. Is there something besides "wife beaters" for the girlie vacation girl? I hate packing. I wish I could dress in pajama bottoms like the kids...

Even flip-flops flop wrong on my feet after awhile. I think work-out wear has been my "style" for so long that I need a makeover.

Thanks for this topical topic. I hate packing, like I said. But you got me going on Oldster Style and What Really Up, Are We? (Mo gangsta talk that I just invented...)

Peace Wild Dudes and Dudettes.
Hogs and Quiches Sme....nice to see you here and there once in a while.....
Send us a postcard...let us know who wears what in sunny CA!
Sme, please PM me with fashion info for old guys when you get to Cali. I myself even could stand to look a little trendier when I go to meet the liberals at the the donut shop. Thanks Babe.

I've been wearing a slightly faded mustard colored wife beater this evening......one of those that if you look from the side, you'll see a man-boob.

I had it on when I took a short bicycle ride, and a few people out walking and riding even acknowledged me by saying "Hi", before quickly averting their glances.
I'm relatively sure your manly figure was embarrassing to most of the folks.....specially the side shot of Man-boob..
Yeah, I was wondering about that too, Bob.
I've never had kids, but my sisters tell me how much fun it was to embarrass their kids in public and get the 'Jeeeeez, mom' reaction. Sounds like getting old is a ticket to fun - we can get that reaction from all the young'uns! Thanks for the lessons, Gary.

Hmmm. Maybe I'll go to the grocery store without makeup today.

I've been wearing the same style for years; tee shirts (emblazoned with some band's logo), blue jeans and steel-toed Dr. Marten's (or any random steel-toed workboot). These days the only thing that gets put away are the 15+ black sweatshirts (not forgetting the 3 black hoodies) and the two leather jackets. They get to see the light of day and dark of night during the winter months. The hoodies and leather come in handy when riding to a gig in a van with no heat during the fall and winter. At 6'4" tall and 195 lbs, I don't quite have the physique commonly associated with the wearing of wifebeaters. Maybe in another ten or twenty years when all this clean livin' exacts its revenge. ;->
HaHaHa! Thank you Aggie. Now that I'm retired, I only use that "corporate look" when I go to funerals, although the black wifebeater can indeed be worn in many, many different social situations.




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