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   Is it the artist born just a little off center,

or is it the persuit of art that takes him there?


Any opinions?

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L.J. Sweich, i support him 100% and we are currently working together to promote his work. I think he is magic! And the questions Kooner mention, we question each other. for example, his current wondering is, "do you think from intuition or intelligence?" Trust me, we have fun together.

Some folks who have been called "artists" over the years have had considerable technical skill, but as for  pushing any envelopes - ? Not a chance in hell.  Norman Rockwell comes to mind...."Art", yes, but strictly bland, predictable and commercially safe. Much like his politics.


Is confrontational, boundary-exploding art "more artistic" than the art of, oh, say, the soporific schlock of Thomas Kincaid, the "Master of Light"? That's a matter of opinion. Art, like any other beautiful thing, is in the eye of the beholder.


All I can say is that I'd rather look at the work of a talented amateur with big ideas than the polished-but-soulless dreck of a pro who quit trying after they hit the jackpot.

no matter what, I still like rockwell's stuff. Reminds me of when I was kid in the 'olden days'.

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.   Oscar Wilde


Sometimes I can look at a persons' handwriting and see art.

" Being a little off center" is a term that can loosely describe  about a gazillion personalities that walk this planet.  We are each and every one unique. 

It is society that defines what the "center" is...some are definitions are broader than others...IMO.

   Ya know what's exciting to me? That so many of you responded with thoughtful and well thought out replies to my little question. Some of you even gave very nice descriptions of what art is, through your point of view. Art is very difficult, if not impossible, to define but I think we all appreciate your efforts. It's something to ponder, and since pondering is a primary hobby of mine, I thank you.
Thank you for giving us a point to ponder...




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