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It's obvious that Labor Day has come and gone.  Some of us decorated for Halloween, some decorated in harvest themes a la Thanksgiving....

...and then there are those who went straight to Christmas.

The stores have their stuff out, do you?

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Those things are so gaudy.  I think I may have to get one...but only after they go out of favor with everyone else.

Here's an update:

The little rosemary tree is about half dead.  I'm following the instructions, I'm watering well but not overwatering, I'm playing Mozart and, until late, I spoke to it in a calm and soothing voice.

I guess I should have just ignored it.

Maybe you should go away for three days again.

I can do that.

I heading to San Antonio for 3 days.  Maybe that will help.


Aggie. You might just save the rosmerry tree. If not I'm afraid the dingo is gonna have a years worth of herbs. 

Took a little longer that I thought, but the outside lights are up. It took longer cause I had to wait for a couple of cool late afternoons. There is something seriously wrong with stringing Christmas lights on cacti, and a palm tree, when your sweating your buttocks off. 

I've been moving.   I'm glad I can find my toothbrush and underwear...just saying.    :-)

I found your underwear in the.........never mind,

I was going to report on the light situation, but now I'm all sidetracked. 

Where was I? What was I doing? Why was I doing it?

Oh, now I remember. I thought I was done, but now my sweetie now wants me to put lighted pink flamingos in a palm tree. 


I love the flamingo/tree idea!!!   Please post a pic!!!

Winter has not arrived here yet.  Would seem odd putting up holiday stuff when it's 60degrees!

I have trouble getting decent pics of lights Jaylee. Me? Camera? Probably me. But if I can get decent pics, I promise, I'll post them.




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