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Are You On the Guest List for TeeBub's Birthday Party?


...well- WHY NOT??


OKAY - how about a Winter Meetup in Florida-

Largo, FL, to be exact (not Key Largo)-

& we'll use TeeBub's birthday as an excuse?



...oh, and btw -

that would be the weekend of February 11th, 2012.

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The Limousin ladies will not make it unless you got plenty of grass and range cubes.
Your ladies ride in limo's, smoke pot, and eat range cubes?

They orginally come from France.  What do you expect?


Since I don't know when TBub's birthday is I guess I have to decline.


RRC, I don't celebrate my actual birthday any more. About 10 years ago, I started celebrating my birth week. Now am up to celebrating my birth month, so any time in Feb. is good.

PS. My birthday is the 11th, the second Sat of the month.

hummm...I could coordinate a trip to my company headquarters in Clearwater and a visit to my sister in Key West...

Sounds like a plan to me!

You're close to Tampa, aren't you?

Isn't there some sort of high speed boat there that goes to Key West?

Hi Quinn, Largo is just south of Clearwater. And yes, there is a high speed catamaran that goes to Key West, but it leaves out of Fort Meyers. (about 113 miles south of Clearwater) The cost is $141 round trip, and they charge 7 bucks a day to park.

Here is the web site if you want to check it out.


Quinn, We could make it a round trip from Key West. We'll get Tee to pick us up at Ft. Myers.
I could do that Robbie, just as long as one of you don't mind riding in the teeny tiny back seat of the Civic. (I don't have any back seats for the van)




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