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Having a great time at Kremis' premises with Robbie and TBub

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Only a bit drunk if you ask me....
Very nice to see and hear this....
How lucky we are that this little world of TBD has been so influential and connected people who ordinarily would never cross paths become fast friends....very sweet.
lol! Y'all look like you're having a great time! I love it.
Hi, Larry, Kitty Cat, Robbie, TeeBub, Caleb!
Hi d's girl. It's such a terrible thing to say, but I'm glad Robbie broke down close to us and I'm glad TBub had to come up here to see his doctor. I know, I'm so selfish and shallow.
hey, there's something to be said for serendipity. If those things hadn't happened the way they did, you guys wouldn't have gotten to enjoy some great times together!
I've been out of touch for a couple weeks, so I didn't know Robbie & Happy had left the farm, or gotten broken down near you. How long did they get to stay?
Robbie & I have met, but he brought a 2 legged friend along instead of Happy. I don't know what he was thinkin'! ;-p
Hello d's girl!!! Nice to see you... The guys have quieted down a little... We're all on Computers right now... lol Lar and Robbie are on their lap tops and I'm on my old trusty handy dandy desk top... TBub left about an hour ago and made it home & is posting there.... We had a wonderful evening catching up on everything...
Hi, Kittycat! It's nice to see you, too. I know you had a great time w/that bunch of guys! I trust that you got lots of laughs & lots of hugs.
This is America, isn't it? Do what you want, people that aren't legally here are.
So, is this going to turn into a pajama party?
How far away are you?
Yayyyy!!! PJ party.... I'm in mine now!!! I'm dressed for it!!!!
Larry and Robbie will be looking like this shortly!!! This is how they looked yesterday morning!!! lol

Did I ever tell you guys about the time me and Larry went out and got drunk? Well, we hit just about every bar we could find. I wanted to call a cab, But Larry said Noooooooo, that he could drive. Anyway, he took off down the freeway at about 120, and we hit a bridge abutment. Of course, we both died instantly, and woke up in hell. (did you think we would wake up anyplace else???) I didn't see Larry, but I was really pissed off. I didn't like hell at all, so I went to the devil to bitch. I told him would do anything to get out. The devil thought about it for a minute, and then told me if I mave passionate love to the ugliest women in hell, he would let me go. For those of you that have never been there, hell is just one long hallway with many doors on each side. Everyone has there own personal hell. The Devil told me which door to go to so I could do the dirty deed. When I opened the right door and saw this woman, and if I wasn't already dead, I would haveI fainted. I will spare you the details, (I'll just let you use your imagination) but believe me, this woman was definitly the ugliest woman in hell. It took everything I had, but I did what I had to do. When I was done, the devil said I could go. He said just walk to the end of the hallway, and there would be a door marked exit. Well, as I headed down the hallway, I happened to glance in several of the rooms. It was a nightmare. You can't imagine the things I saw. I was nearly to the exit when I glanced into a room and saw Larry in bed with this beautiul woman. I looked again, and sure enough here was Larry in bed with Bo Derek. I got so mad I couldn't stand it. I was so mad I went back to the devil and demaned to know why I had to make love to the ugliest woman in hell, and Larry was doing it with Bo Derek. The devil just smiled, and said, " Bo wanted out too".
LMAO!!!! TBub!!! Good one!!!!




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