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Someone needs to fill in the blanks.  There are a few parts missing.

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I apologize to the establishment, for thinking for mysellf


I understand I was annoying, selfish and offensive


I was merely trying to be self sufficient


I did not intend to overstep your authority


I now see that I appeared to be an individual


I have no excuse, except to say that my parents infuenced me. I would be happy to give you their names an address


I will attempt to be more conforming in the future


I would appreciate it if you could pre-punish me in the future, to keep me on the correct path


Sincerely Jack ........






That's what I'm talking about.   Ha ha.
Wait...I need to stop laughing first...
On behalf of the entire human race, I demand an apology from you for suggesting that I have anything to apologize for.

I refuse to apologize because it was all your fault!!

It has come to my attention that my action of trying to smother my boyfriend with valentines kisses could have been seen as selfish.

I never intended to leave red marks all over his face. I want you to understand that I was merely trying to let all the other ladies he has been running around with know he was taken.

I can see that it may appear that I was trying to kill him with that strange lipstick.

Please accept my questionable apology. That said I would appreciate it if you would direct me to that website " How to build a casket by hand"Sincerely your friend CaseyJo

I want everyone who frequents the dog park to know that I sincerely feel great remorse about using a plastic bag to pick up my dogs poop. I'm sure that had there been a sign explaining that this dog park was practicing "green" behavior, I to would have left my dogs poop to biodegrade back into the environment.

However, in my defense, I would like to point out that I did step in a number of the piles of dog poop so conveniently left by your dogs and thereby spread it around so it will disolve back into the soil quickly. In order to insure that the area doesn't suffer dog poop overload, I even carried some home on the carpeting in my car.

I promise that I will try to not violate your obvious environmental concerns in the future, I may even bring along my neighbors Great Dane on my next visit .

Well I'm not gonna apologize!!


I'm the victim!


So sue me!

I have nothing to apologize for....

If you think so....

Bite me.

So there....

Just saying...

I apologize for being the canvas on which women paint their dreams.


~ R. Valentino

Do you realize how difficult it is for me to be romantic and sensitive - even for just one day out of 365?




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