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Cow Appreciation Day Cowpoke!

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Well...I am, now that I know about it!


I'm making fajitas for dinner...

o, wait...probably not the best way to show my appreciation for cows.


My cows thank you for giving their kids a job.
Well, thanks Aggie(no K), but I think I'll play my "born and raised in the city, and don't know one end of a cow from the other" card, and leave the celebrating to those more deserving.
Can I celebrate tomorrow? I'm having BBQ chicken on the gill tonight.
I forgot to bring flowers......or should I bring hay??

My cows prefer range cubes.


Rib eye is $14.99...nothing to celebrate there.

I don't like milk.

Refuse to eat veal.

But here is a place that celebrates cows & people.



A Cow Sonnet

The wide expanse of fields--bovine Eden

Landscape off my moo, moo dreams calls to me

Thoughts of childhood cows gets my heart bleedin'

I wnat to graze the sky so set me free.

The Cow God looms in prophetic vision

Mooing of life, of death, of fields to come

Moment of bovine, heavenly fission;

Moo, moo parts will not equal moo, moo sum.

I am a child who yearns to graze with cows,

I am a man who seeks to herd with love

While Farmer Death prepares, readies his plows

To churn another plot, 'neath sun above.

We graze, he churns, but soon he'll get to us

To squeeze our milk or squeeze our very life.

-Tudor Idris Lewis

Sorry, Aggie, never heard of it, and the day is over.

George and I did have hot dogs today, though.

I will celebrate by honoring the bucket calves I raised as a kid.....I learned that it took hard work and that there was also sadness as they headed to the sale barn. 

Now I'm all choked up.........


Allow me to get you a hanky.....




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