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Doublets Word Game

Doublets was the name given by Lewis Carroll to a word puzzle of his own invention. It made its first appearance in 1879, in the pages of a magazine called Vanity Fair, and it has been a popular form of Word Puzzle ever since. I will let Lewis Carroll describe the puzzle in his own words:

"The rules of the Puzzle are simple enough. Two words are proposed, of the same length; and the Puzzle consists in linking these together by interposing other words, each of which shall differ from the next word in one letter only. That is to say, one letter may be changed in one of the given words, then one letter in the word so obtained, and so on, till we arrive at the other given word. The letters must not be interchanged among themselves, but each must keep to its own place. As an example, the word 'head' may be changed into 'tail' by interposing the words 'heal, teal, tell, tall'. I call the given words 'a Doublet', the interposed words 'Links', and the entire series 'a Chain', of which I here append an example:

See if you could do any of the following:
*************3 links*************
Put MILK into PAIL
Change MICE into RATS

*************4 links*************
Put INK into PEN
Turn OIL into GAS
Evolve FISH into BIRD
Make FIRE produce HEAT

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milk mill pill pall pail
Wow soozy, that was fast...
I'm feeling under the weather today...post holiday blues I guess
so I'm not going to tax my brain thinking of answers lol
Mice Mace Mate Mats Rats
nice solution....what does your user's name mean? "ubu"?
Camp Came Same Sate Site

Hi, Maricel
Hi Randy, nice to see you here.....you Brian, Jerr, and that other dude (newbie) arr keeping a low profile? or are you guys just busy? You guys aren't posting as much as in TBD I Y?

Hi Maricel - This is my 1st try - What do you think?
...a great 1st try. Do you have a liberal arts background?
Magazine journalism and creative writing; but I graduated college a few decades + ago. I do have lupus, and one of the areas affected is my central nervous system, and my memory has been hit, so I try to do sudoku's and word games to help. I don't know how much it helps, but I can't see how it could hurt.
hand, than, oath, hoot, foot
fish, dish, rids, bids bird
I think playing those mind games help. My best friend's grandmother (in her 90s at the time) was a subject in a study on aging and memory. They found that her brain cells were healthy and deterioration minimal because she read voraciously.

My cousin has lupus. She's delivering her 1st child in a couple of months. I hope the childbirth turns out well for her.

=-) Mari




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