TBD on Ning

Everyone in the world must be sleeping in this morning! It's 6 AM and I'm the only one on TBD. Is there a holiday I don't know about????

Anyhow, it is snowing outside this AM and they say we will be getting 2-4, or 2-6" depending on who you listen to in the morning. It's been really windy last night and this morning, so I'm not sure how much is going to stick on the sidewalks and streets. Only time will tell.

Looks like the storm is going to be slow moving, and once again moving North into WI. So Susan is going to get dumped on again, and if the storm doesn't run out of moisture Seashelly will be getting some over there in OH.

So it's now coffee time, I won't be putting logs on the fire this morning till the winds dies down. So looks like another basically quiet day hear in the Mid West!

Now how is the weather in your neighborhood???

Cheers! - AL

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