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Another cold summer in the great Lakes region. It is in the 40s with wind chills in the 30s in the middle of freaking JULY!!! What is next, SNOW??

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 Maybe the weather we see in Alaska is moving down into the lower 48 states.  It has been cooler in the mornings lately.  I can hear the acorns dropping off of the trees and the squirrels going after them.

Almost fall but temps are still in the 90s most days in GA. Hickory nuts and persimmons are ripe & dropping and I'm challenged to beat the dog. She loves persimmons but so do we and I worry she'll ruin her teeth crunching the nuts.
We may get some rain this weekend and we need it badly. The garden is done but I want to put in a clover cover crop for winter & need the rain to sprout seed. At least we haven't been threatened by any hurricanes - yet - this year. Hope the gang is doing ok.




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