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Well things are looking a little better these days, as the local nurseries are madly shipping products out to all the local garden centers and big box stores!!!!

The problem we are experiencing is the drastic swings in temperatures between the daytime and night time temperatures. The second part of this issues is the local news media!! Last week the news did their evening reporting on Chicago's overnight temps! Well 1st of all they are just an educated guess. And depending on where you live, the farther west you go it gets colder!

One lady tried returning some sad looking plants this week (they were DEAD) to a local garden center. The GC reminded they lady that it had dipped down to 17 degrees for several nights. Here response was the weather person didn't say it was going to get that cold out here!!!!

Good deed of the day! One of the major nursery's were delivering flowers this AM to one of the major big Box stores. As they rolled the carts across the parking lots, some of the Hyacinths bulbs were falling out of the overfull pots, and onto the ground. No attempts were made by the store employees to pick up the bulbs and restore them in the pots!

So the driver picked up several of the bulbs and gave them to the kids that were with their mothers who had been shopping in the GC with instructions to help mommy plant the bulbs!!

Haven't seen smiles on 2 - 3yr olds like that in a long time! What a Hoot!!

The weather is suppose to be nice hear tomorrow, so I'll probably be out washing and waxing one of the Corvettes in anticipation of the upcoming warm weather!

Cheers! - AL

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