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Well here we are into February already and have settled into winters cocktails of precipitation and freezing rain. Although we frequently receive a ten of an inch or so snow, or freezing rain we are way behind in moisture! They say we have officially received 5.7"inches of snow so far this winter, but I casn't agree with that by what we have received. Typically we would have received over 2 feet of snow by now!

Now to put that into perspective, Lakes Michigan and Huron have dipped to new record lows. It’s been a 14 year journey. That’s how long water levels have been below historic averages--the  most extended run of below normal water levels in the 95 year record of Great Lakes dating back to 1918. The  water levels have fallen 6 feet from the record highs established in October 1986 and currently sit at levels 29"---i.e. just under 3 feet--- below the long term average. Lake Michigan's water level is 17" lower than a year ago.

So the remainder of the week is daytime temps in the mid 30's with ocasionally LOCAL snow flurries.. with weekend temps into the mid 40's.

Hope everyone else is having good weather where they are!! - AL


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