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What do you do when you want to show your wild side? when you want to stop being you and just act up a little, when that little bad person wants to go out a play for a while.
I have not done this in so long I forget. before Kids I would go out and drink. but now.?

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I tend to send out little warnings, around my friends here at home...they just know by my attitude, the way I dress, and by the way I talk.
YOUR ARE WELCOM AROUND ME ANY TIME. I feel like getting into a some trouble.
I to feel like getting into some trouble.
But here lately the only wild thing going on in my life is right here on tbd. lol
There is something about today...I've noticed several people seem to want a little trouble today.

Thank you hun
i just have a wildside
Happy Hour....we still drink, lol!
I'll dress more provocatively, walk with a certain sway in my hips, and flirt outrageously....I'll stir the pot and spice it up!

i can't believe how long it's been since anyone has posted here. Anyway i love to laugh and get a little loud at times more so yrs ago when we would go out with friends on the weekend. I guess getting older and wanting to act more responsible, not getting a DUI on way home things have changed in that category but still fun taking turns at each others homes, playing cards or games beats staying home all the time.




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