TBD on Ning

He is doing okay and asked that I tell everyone hi from him!

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I miss him so much....and those great hugs he gave!
He knows of the new site and I sent him an invite so he can hold on to it and join when he feels he can.
OMG! Please tell him that he is in my daily thoughts, and prayers. And only hope that when it is a better time for him, to remember he has a place where he can be appreciated by many~& loved by all~I just knew we would get some sort of message from davido....amen!
Yes he is the "Mahvelous Gentleman" of the group~and i do miss him!
I copied and pasted your reply Diannea (and Deb Mills today)....this is what he sent back to you Diannea

thank you, Vikki....this really makes my day...and let Dianne know she
is in my daily prayers!
That is really nice of you Jan~ you are my example of the day for sharing your Aloha~(keep-up the good work)
I sent him a link to TBDning in an invitation...he said he would hold on to it....he misses everyone.




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