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I am going over to My Atlantis...in fact I am there now.  I have some of my groups there.  I am changing this one a bit. 

It will be a way for all of us to stay in touch with each other.  My new group is called "Welcome to my World"  You start a discussion about you....it is your world and it can have any title you want.  It will be like I did for me on Message Board.  I created my world there, for people to get to know me and who I was.  That is what I want Welcome to my World to be.

If you plan to join My Atlantis, stop off and say hi.

This is also going out as a group message...to warn you ahead of time. 

I've loved the support you all have given the group here.  And that you understood it was your group to do as you wanted.

To anyone who does not continue on at My Atlantis, hopefully I will see you on Facebook.  Take care everyone and have a great life.

The link to Atlantis is (it is free to us):



If you want to add me on facebook and have not...my name is Jan Vonasek-Halsey there.

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