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Any ideas about what you wanna do while you are here? I'm would really like to have a lunch or dinner here at my place. I guess it would really depend on how many people show though. I have a kitchen table, and a dining room table that I think we could seat at least 10, and probably 12.(eating at couches and coffee tables would add another 4, and for the adventurous that can eat off their lap, probably another 4 or 5.  And if the weather cooperates I could seat at least another 10 or 12 outside. 

Let us know what you would like to do while here. (other than going to the nude beach, Deez didn't think that was a good idea)

There is a local strip club (and I'm NOT KIDDING, the name is MY ATLANTIS) that has a free buffet from 12 to 3 if you are into cocktail weenies wrapped in crescent rolls. Yum!!

Just let us know what ya wanna do in Fl in Feb!!!

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I think I'm gonna have to remove my brain and soak it in some bleach.




Or drink several beers.

Wow! Check out Taylor Park! We gotta go there!


Teebs, if you don't have a supply of bicycles in your garage, could you start checking w/friends & family & neighbors & see if you can borrow us some bikes?

Laurie and Ramone both have bikes that are parked in my garage right now. I think the tires on Laurie's are flat, but we can fix that.

Awesome! You are the Hoh-sta with the Moh-sta '-)



I don't know how much it costs, but the sunset cruises in Key Largo must be awesome. The Fl Keys have the best sunsets in the East Coast. When I went to Key West close to a decade ago, I saw the most amazing sunset while driving back to Miami.

Sorry Maricel, the meet is in Largo, not Key Largo. (I wish)

Would you guys be game for some Mexican Train Dominoes?

Teebs, might you have a set of double 12 Dominoes, or should I bring our set?

Never played Mexican Train. I don't think. Used to play a lot of dominoes when I was growing up, but do not remember the names of the games. So, answer is Yes.

yay, Robbie. I love Mexican Train.

Sorry d's, I don't have any dominoes. 

I have a set of double 9s.

I bet dbl 9's'll do. You'll have them w/you?

....well, duh, I guess if you're bringing your home w/you, the dominoes'll be w/you, too. :-P




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