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A Discussion Thread to Share & Keep Up w/Our Travel Plans.


by air...


by automobile...


by train...



on foot...


by bus...


by bike...

(is that Ducatiman?? ...I dunno, it might be akabukowski)


by Happy-Robbie Caravan...


by boat...


by horse-drawn carriage...



We don't care how you get here, just get here if you can. '-)

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Thought a TRAVEL PLANS page would be good.

I just checked AirTran flights. Right now they're running $136/each way from Atlanta for our chosen dates, but it's still a long way off, so I checked for about a month out & there are plenty of choices available @ $84/each way. So I'm going to check in every week or so until I catch a sale fare like that for our days.

How do people feel about arrival dates?

Weigh in on your preferred arrival/departure days here...

Would you prefer to arrive on Thursday? Friday? Saturday?

...and depart on Sunday? Monday? Tuesday?


Knowing when everyone comes in & leaves will help to schedule our get togethers.


I would prefer to make my decision based on flight fares. If I can get significantly better fares on particular days, that's what I prefer to go with. I'm thinking arrive Thursday/depart Sunday or arrive Friday/depart Monday or arrive Saturday (EARLY!)/depart Monday or Tuesday.

Orlando is the cheapest place in the world to fly into, and out of. If 4 or more people were flying you might check Orlando and rent a car. Don't have any idea whether this would make any sense or not. Just musing.
Tx, Robbie. I just compared fares b/t Tampa & Orlando & right now they're exactly the same- $136 each way. It's too far out for the sales to apply to those dates, so I'll keep checking.
Wow, Kinda surprised at those prices Deez. I always fly Air Tran, and those are the same rates as it is flying from here to Akron/Canton.(and the $84 is the cheapest I've ever been able to score) You might also want to check flights in and out of St. Pete.
Those fares are just b/c it's still so far out. They'll start running sale fares for those dates in a couple more months.
I hope they would come down. Flying for FL to OH is 907 miles, and flying from Atlanta to here is 416. Just doesn't seem right that the fares would be the same.

Distance doesn't matter when you're flying north to south in the winter months :(

Your right Q, I guess there is a surcharge for the sunshine.
I just read a short article in this weeks Time magazine about rising air fares. It says that if you plan to fly early next year, you should start shopping in October. According to one guy, you add about $5 a day by waiting. It also says that Tuesdays are the best day to get cheap seats.
Tx for the info, Teebs, I'll be keeping my eyes open for good fares while we have a chance to grab them. Sounds like we're about to get hit w/big fare increases! :-(




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