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I'm starting space for anyone to post anything you find on the internet that you think others might find interesting or useful. Maybe it's something you want to know if anybody else has had any experience with. My post a few days ago asking about Meetup.com would be an example.

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Yes it sure is. Thanks!

Possibly everyone already knows about PC Mike Wendland, but in case you don't, PC Mike's Techcast is a virtual cornucopia of information "about apps, gadgets & gizmos with no geek speak". Especially comparisons of useful apps. He is found appropriately, on several internet platforms.




Available free from Amazon, Death's Door, An Edgar Allen Poe Time Travel Novella by April White.

In the fall of 1849, Edgar Allan Poe disappeared. He was missing for five days, and was then found wandering near Gunnar's Hall in Baltimore, delirious and possibly drunk, wearing strange clothes and carrying a cane. Poe died four days later in a Baltimore hospital, never having regained proper consciousness except to call out for a mysterious person by the name of “Reynolds.”

Of course Poe was a Clocker, and I knew I would write that story someday. What I hadn't expected was who would find Poe when he stumbled into the 21st Century.

Her name is Alexandra "Ren" Reynolds, and she has a secret too.

Don't know how long the deal lasts.




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