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I had to close my tbd account because my password was compromised. It has taken till now to get a new account approved.  Missed every one and i am glad to be here.  What is new for me is that my husband Ed is recuperating from his triple by-pass. We have been getting positive reports from his doctors. Good news is that he will not need dialysis.  On Wednesday we see his cardiologist.  We have just been approved for a new house.  We had a big blowup with our son who then turned around and told us to leave his house. We were involved in  power struggle and I had to put my foot down. We were taken in by a wonderful women who runs a veterans retreat center so Ed could recuperate in peace. It has done him wonders.  We decided to buy a house instead of renting after we compared the costs.  So, hope to contribute here again.

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Welcome back, luvy, glad to see you again!  Glad Ed is recovering; my hubby had a 5-way bypass recently so I know a little when you've been through.  Hang in there! :-)

Good news that Ed is progressing, and good news you are back! You were missed!!

Thanks guys.  what happened is I had to close my account because my son had it rigged to automatically show my password. I couldn't get it off so I finally closed my page it took me this long to re-open a new membership.




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