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During a routine inspection yesterday, I fixed and replaced a screen that covered the entrance to the crawl space under the house.  Later that evening, the meowing started.

Removed the screen and waited.  Called, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty"; waited some more.  Got a hose and sprayed the corner where its hiding.  One white cat and one black cat came flying out.

Replaced the screen and went to bed.  All night long from under the house, "Meow."  Maybe the little beast is hungry/thirsty enough to get out while the going's good this morning.

p.s.  The little wild bastar*s aren't friendly.  And the place smells like pis*.

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So, does that mean you are keeping them both LL&L ?

Are they abandoned kittens or older cats?

I'm not a cat person because when I was very young,

one of my Aunties had what seemed to be a hundred cats

around her house in the country and they done nothing

but hissssed at me and showed their claws.

I believe they are wild, adult, and mating.  I don't need their kind playing house under my house LOL ...

Says you, I gots lots love in my heart but I also got's lots cat piss in the grass.  Something gots to goes and it ain't go'n be me.

Years later as I grew older and come across other kitty-cats, 

my opinion began to change, a close friend had a Siamese cat

and so I started to realize that cats could be extremely clean,

very intelligent, playful and affectionate - while also remaining aloof, lol!

Nowadays, if I were to think about having a cat, 

I would like it to be one of these....

A Rag Doll Cat

So strange.....thanks for letting me know Kooner,

I've downloaded the pic now so I shall see if it works this time....




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