TBD on Ning

This is list 1. 
Specifically we pray for 

Rosalyn- virus and sinus infection,
Tony- serious condition with severe heart trouble. Doctors say they did all they could do.

Gerrie's sister's great grandson, 5 year old Gage- may have brain tumor and may go blind in one eye,
Robin's mom- breast cancer,

Molly Carr- diagnosed with cancer,
Adrian, 26yrs old- stage 3 cervical cancer with no insurance,

Wendy- cancer in her eyes, doctors say that she doesn't have long to live,
Larkin Flanigan, 18 years old- leukemia,
Rhonda- found lump in her breast,

George Blankenship- spots of cancer throughout his leg,
Jason Jesse, 29 years old- 3 tumors in his brain, will soon start chemo treatments,

Kacie Clough, 3 years old- neuroblastoma,
Mrs. Dongi- cancer in serious condition,

Elizabeth Smith- cancer has spread to her left lung,
Robert Wright- prostate cancer,
Tara-growth, possible cancer, will soon be removed,

Cathykats mom, Sharyl- bone cancer, (update- doctors say that she has 2-3 months to live,)

Margie Smoot, Jeanie's neighbor,- cancer and is not doing well,
Harold Fairfield- cancer in lymph nodes,
Garry Anderson- cancer,
Jack Wood, Mary Tilger's brother- cancer,(update- has finished his radiation and seems to be doing fine.)

Thanks for the help praying. Let me know if anyone needs to be added 
to the list.
God Bless
Ken O.

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