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Einstein's theory suggests nothing is faster.

But some cosmologists suggest the Universe expanded faster then the speed of light.

Black holes however, and super massive black holes, suggest to me that terminal velocity is finite.

And how about the in-progress virtual (radio) high resolution telescope being build to observe the Milky Way's SMBH determining that some parts of (old) distant light is polarized like the plane of an atom or galaxy orbit...conventional physics?  

There goes the wormhole :0(

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I think that nothing is faster than light - NOW. A universe where the rules of physics were still in the process of being written might have had different results.

Besides, as I understand it - Black holes and wormholes don't require FTL speeds, anyway, if the theories about them being gatesways / shortcuts through this dimension are correct.

And that's not even getting into quantum stuff...




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