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Those--past, present, and future--who are in your heart forever...

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Roses are red, Aggie bluebonnets are maroon.
Reveille is sweet and so are you!  
From gig'em to whoop,
From Howdy to here,
Your Aggie Spirit is sure to appear!

Haha! Good one, Aggie! I love your thang for Texas A&M, it's like mine for my beloved, Draughn. Well, we may be obsessed, but at least we're not bloodless boneless chickens. :>)

What is love today?

Ever changing, growing love -

Patient, kind and still.

"Patient, kind and still"--perfection, Bella.

How I wish I generally could do a better job on the patient and still parts. <3

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day!

i sleep peacefully
my forever valentine
dreaming your embrace




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