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It passes, whether we want it to or not. Share your feelings about time in 5/7/5.

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between the clock's ticks
a world of feelings happen...
each choice sophie's choice

come and gone again
no time for conversation
only pretty words

such words are easy...
place holders for real feelings
which must be backed up

actions are the proof...
can't you see that it hurts
when actions don't follow

where is the passion
which moved mountains to touch me?
i'm still here...hoping

time, an enigma

when we think we've figured it

that moment has past

SO true, M.!

Oh, it's so lovely that you showed up! While I've always used this group to express personal feelings and views, however transient, it's felt like I've been walking in a graveyard for the last couple of years. Except for you, my steadfast M!!!


time with online friends

though distant they're oh so close

thanks I give to all

Another truth.

I agree--I'm thankful for online friends. Especially you.

backatcha dear A

time may demand our absence

grateful you are there

once upon a time

he fell in love - forever?

still there though she's not

How i understand, M!

the dance of love sucks
sometimes you're on the dance floor
drinks in hand...alone

photographs of youth...
five hippie friends in a car
living in the now

smiles on every face...
faces which are older now
or altogether gone

let me turn back time...
find that protective mantle
impervious hope

if only we could ....

time tripping bandits we'd be

be it boon or bane ?

three dimensional

we find movement in our space

the fifth we call time




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