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It's almost 2010. I, for one, never imagined seeing it...but here I am! What do you want to do with this beginning? Keep on truckin' or do something altogether new?

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focus my passion
accomplish what matters most
just love and be loved

burning at both ends
enjoying every moment
until time runs out
How exciting, Turquoise!!!!

don't you find, t., that
in the creative process
hours pass like seconds?
have made up my mind
this new year's going to be
better than last one
so glad to hear it
i know intention matters...
i'll believe with you
cold blast arctic wind
sweeping old dust to the sea
clearing the senses
Has it been that long?
It seems only yesterday...
The last Century.
the last century
has been awhile, hasn't it
time for new decade
for the coming year
get down boogie, be risque
be some changes made
to understand more
to be a better person
to accept with grace

tabula rasa
i will write on the new year
with passionate strokes
endings, beginnings
the roller coaster of life...
arms inside the car!
It all starts again.
Why is this day a new year?
Wind blows on and on.
outside prison walls
smelling fresh, air-dried clothes
twirling 'round the line.

skipping, hopping away
never returning to heavy chains
alluring new life calls.




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