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It's almost 2010. I, for one, never imagined seeing it...but here I am! What do you want to do with this beginning? Keep on truckin' or do something altogether new?

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Keep on truckin' or

something altogether new?

we are still here A .........

keep on truckin', M!
life often pulls me away
haiku's my lifeline

we always return

familiar ground comforts us

nice to have great friends

Nice to have great friends

draw us away from ourselves

thinking of others

friends always return

that kinship everlasting

each a shining star

each a shining star

bright, beautiful, and unique

firmament of love

i like !

my beloved scot
tall dark and handsome first foot
brings new year's blessings

the new year beckons
stepping across the threshold
you're past and future

5 years have passed us

great to still participate

keep truckin' somehow

good to have a friend
who witnessed our youth gone by...
we keep on truckin'!

Your friendship means so much, M. We know the same cultural references and look at life much the same way. I love you, Brother.

what will people do

after the garden is gone

what will people know

you are my sister

and I am a proud brother

through eternity

the cost of freedom

mother earth will swallow you

lay your body down




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