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hot, muggy evenings
ceiling fan cooling sweat beads
frogs sing in chorus
i kiss your tan hands
you stoop, right a horseshoe crab
which scuttles back home
Ev'rybody slows
Heat index breaks a hundred
Summer in the south.
Here's to our lovely summer nights with "the boys."

summer in the south
lightning bugs and magnolias
you reach out for me

moonbeams in your eyes
rich scent of honeysuckle
the earth moves for us
beautiful, A.
your face glows with health
shedding your tired winter skin...
my boy of summer
Heat rises in waves.
Sandaled feet on the sidewalk
Run quickly to shade.
restive in your chair
passion burns you like the sun
summer winds blow hot
those summertime blues
have fallen into autumn
hot days will return

heat rising in waves

eyes close in shady havens

waiting for sunset


giggles and cartwheels

brown hair and pink lips sun-kissed...

your girls of summer


hiking through old growth

life flourishing around you

setting sun your guide


far from modern things

life pared down to essentials

you breath in freedom


smelling of oak smoke

you smile without knowing why

peace infuses you




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