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long, dark, hard winter

now sun warms my face and heart

I will blossom soon.

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black against sorrow

fluttering wings hold her still

elusive shelter 

foam bubbles scatter

thumping tar paper roof sags

relentless gray sky


Green shoot extending

pulled by sun rays and soft earth

-a young spider spins.

water droplets cling

tenderly embracing sun

web sags in the heat

careless, laughing child

gossamer torn asunder

dewdrops fall to earth

daylilies sprouting

winter is still in my heart

though cold days are gone

pulsing verdant child

swaddled in bright foliole

naked to the sun


grey skies give way to

yellow forsythia buds

fallow hearts burgeon

My door opens fast

It hits the springy stopper


HAhahahaha! Love it! 

Tender tulip shoots

Yearning upwards, flash of red

Spring's first harbinger.

tender touch coaxing

spring from a winter-bound heart

all things possible




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