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long, dark, hard winter

now sun warms my face and heart

I will blossom soon.

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...brown paper bag shell
wrapped 'round my wet cadillac...
begin blackout!

candle guttering

one light goes out, one is lit

renewed, the light flares

I hadn't seen this one Ang....it's lovely
Great love realized
Spring in nature & my life
Why must my heart ache?

love infusing him

rich soil between his fingers

life springs from his hands


daffodils in bloom

green buds burst out everywhere

the first fly buzzing!

bright yellow, fresh green

sharp contrast against grey skies...

rain marked boundary

all just the same sky

blowing rings around the trees

blistering fresh buds



disposable flash

at the foot of the steep steps

catch her empty shade

still bright neon night
on her propped chin... patiently...
sewer grate drumming

cool, damp spring morning

showers moistened iris's

great to be alive




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