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Feminine Essence
The Curves,The Smells,The Caverns
Walking Seduction
the scent of your hair
sweet taste of your luscious skin
ecstasy for me
Repressed Expressed Undressed Stressed
All Of It Sizzles
repressed can just suck
expressed, then undressed, destressed
so please release me
My Feminine Wiles
Wrapped Around You Like My Thighs
Both Make You Quiver
I like the way you think...and your way with words.
wrap those soft, warm legs
around my craving body
like an octopus
plastered against you
sweat running in rivulets
Draughn, please, take me home

You gurls keep this up
I won't get anything done.

See? Just look at those lines!
All nervous and out of pace . . .
Watch out where you walk
Never know when it will hit
When the sparks will fly
lying under you
arms outstretched, forming a cross
full weight upon me

I know you, entire
the universe in your skin
heaven in your eyes
Fasten Your Seat Belts
All Cleavage With Fuck Me Boots
Dangerous When Wet




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