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Of the school or family, or any variety of reunion

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telescoping time
joins the years from then 'til now
no messy middle
the girl she was, lives
the same crooked mocking smile
again, in this face
long years well-traveled
you return to where you were
and find the view changed
Thanks for the topic, W.!

From afar, the view
looks much as it did; closer,
the details are clear
coming together
tore the fabric of timespace...
twin stars colliding
rehashing old times
catching up on interim
just like yesterday
My jeweler friend
Lost stones I wanted set,
So shared his whole shop...

I fondled pieces
That resonated with time

My treasured, gifted,
Intuitive old friend
Cleansed my lost Center.

Then he touched my soul,
Honored my sensuality,
Reignited me.
a gem among gems
nice to get Center reset
may have to go back?
Yes...his scent lingered
On my clothes, my skin, my hair--
Postponed showering.
go for the gusto
live to the fullest when you can
daily reunion
his scent enrobing
his touch electrifying
his soul honoring

Amour, durer toujours!
longing for contact
reunion with old classmates
tease those memories




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