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Can you still recall?

Time can warp our memories

What are some of yours?

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I remember when

for a quarter you could get

chips, candy bar, pop

i remember when
i'd fill my mg's tank for


we'd drive 20  miles

fill tank for quarter / gallon

drive all day and smile

You remember when

the Beatles sang for first time

on Ed Sullivan ?

february 9th...
i wanna hold your hand
i'll never forget

do you remember

what you thought you would have done

when you got older ?

i never had plans...
i hoped to love and be loved
and that hope came true

How about you, M?

searching for answers

questions not yet surfacing

we each found our ways

i imagined myself

more healthy, ready to rock

in that chair, ya know

yes i felt the same...
what a surprise real life is--
luck and circumstance

I can remember

there was a time when I thought

I had all answers

I then remember

that thought was later replaced

by experience

HOORAY, M!!!! A new topic--and a GREAT one! LOVE all your haiku.




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