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Ready for a new one? May we try something different? I have been tripping of late through my old tunes and find many memories stirred through the process. They are coming out in my haikus. Loose rules here except for the 5-7-5 standard. Write a haiku about your favorite tune, capture favorite lines from your song, write about your favorite songwriter or however you choose to do it. You can tell what the song is if you like or have your friends guess. Let's have some fun here and bring back some of our favorite tunes. Might be a way of honoring our "heroes" of younger years. Below are a couple of haikus from our prior discussions as examples:

I talk to the wind
time to say goodbye my dear
the wind does not hear

(by Scott Williamson in 'Goodbye and Wind')

OR -

c'mon and touch me
can't you see I'm not afraid
c'mon touch me babe

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long and winding road
I have seen that road before
that leads to your door

wild and windy night
that the rain has washed away
left a pool of tears

crying for the day
why leave me standing here
let me know the way

many times been alone
any way you'll never know
many ways I've tried

they still lead me back
to the long and winding road
don't leave me waiting
see rain comin down
lost my job feeling older
things'll get better

the clothes need washin
the fire won't start, kids cryin
you're breakin my heart

grass won't grow, sun's hot
whole damn world's going to pot
you're all that I've got

may get lil better
work your fingers to the bone
whoo boney fingers

mere words can't explain
the debt of love i owe you
you make me feel new

the snow is snowing
the wind is blowing...who cares
i'll weather the storm

my heart is on fire
i don't need an overcoat
my love keeps me warm

only the lonely
know the way I feel tonight
feeling isn't right

there goes my baby
they're gone forever so far
only the lonely

maybe tomorrow
new romance, no more sorrow
that's the chance to take

I dig a pony
celebrate anything want
you can celebrate

I do a road hog
can penetrate anyplace
all I want is you

I pick a moondog
can radiate anything
you can radiate

I dug a pony
can syndicate any boat
all I want is you

I'll light the fire, while
you place the flowers in the
vase you bought today

two cats in the yard
life used to be so hard, now
everything is

easy, cuz of you,
come to me now, rest your head
for just five minutes...
almost cut my hair
happened just the other day
getting kinda long

but I wonder why
feel like letting freak flag fly
cause I feel like it

had flu for Christmas
I'm not feeling up to par
more paranoia

get self together
get down in sunny weather
find a place to laugh
first day of Christmas,
My true love did send to me
partridge in pear tree

second Christmas day
my true love did send to me
these two turtledoves
(partridge in pear tree)
third day of Christmas
my true love did send to me
three cacklin French hens
(these two turtledoves)
(partridge in pear tree)
fourth day of Christmas
my true love did send to me
four calling song birds
(three cacklin French hens)
(these two turtle doves)
(partridge in pear tree)




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