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Don't know why I didn't think of this earlier...

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need to change my way

of living, can you tell me

how far is heaven?


Los Lonely Boys

music's medicine

get up off my genitals

don't stop the party!


make chicken gumbo

life is what you make of it

beautiful so what


Play a game with time and love, like a pair of rolling dice...So beautiful...So what.

Love it, M.

I'm a bit run down

feel like calling it a day

send me back to start


so I'll keep playing

I know its where I belong

drive a hard bargain



put my new shoes on...

suddenly everything's right

short on money, but..


Paolo Nutini

windows are rolled down

moon is hanging low

think it's time for me to go




is it what you dreamed

new found faith and broken heart

locked in fantasy

I love me some Amos Lee...thanks to you. XOXOXOXOXOXOX

out here on the street

but I'm standing on my feet

still alive, unbroken



your cologne, your hands

your smile, your intelligence

your love ignites me

i'd probably die

if you ever left me, d...

everything to me

i'm dreaming of you

'til tomorrow i'll hold you

for all of my life




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