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a day like any
other... Mother, hope you like
the yellow flowers...

mothers, so special
we've set aside their own day
praise them the rest too
my Mom is so great
she let me live at those times
I pushed her buttons
my mother, myself
your face is my avatar
or vice versa?
cool sheets drifting down
on my feverish body
like clouds from heaven

magic fingernails
gently stroking my forearm
putting me to sleep

loving arms embrace
drawing my pain and sorrow
into her own heart

no matter how ill
or frightened or sad i was
mommy made it better

stoic to the end

shaking her fists at the pain

but making no sound


"daddy is waiting"

i whisper into her ear...

she sighs and moves on 


"happy mother's day!"
words i'd give the world to hear
from lips long silent

posies in his hand
he gives me his greatest gift...
"I love you, Mommy!"

The world's greatest gift

we all owe her best wishes

Happy Mother's Day

100% true, M!




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