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The man, the day, the cause.

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your beautiful dream
of equality and hope
we are still dreaming

yes, he had a dream....

we wanted it to be ours

think it will happen?

brothers and sisters

each facing adversity

the dream yet to be

he gave us his life

his dream and inspiration

WE can make it real!

- 2017 -

89 % of wealth

to top 1 %

those at the bottom

50 % of total

saw no improvement

he was born Michael

later changed name to Martin

most are unaware

Baptist minister

a civil rights activist

legacy continues

saints walk among us
not bloodless perfect humans
everyday heroes

men and women who
lay down their lives for something
larger than themselves

MLK was one
flawed fallible and fearful
he knew and walked on

your message shines on...
we need it in this dark time
when hate speaks loudly

we each have a light

some shine brighter than others

may justice shine on




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