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Or is it? Okay, I'm a true believer...How about you? Here's a song from an old, dear friend that expresses it:


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I know I'm repeating myself... :>)

I've looked high and low
I haven't found a shortcut...
love is the answer

Indeed it's the answer,
Love. Jealosy? Anger? No.
Love is the answer.

I'm so glad you're here, BellaG!

love in every form
pure as snow or hot as fire
is all that matters

in my book of love
only one name is written
for better and worse

paralyzed and lost
i'm practicing reckless hope...
love is the answer

suppressed, numbed feelings

once ventured, now a lost art

all  goes on sans me

i understand well...
life rolls by like a freight train
once love passes on

i believe in you
a man of integrity
you mean what you say

countless words of love
vows to hold tight through all trials
to never let go

words of gratitude
for being your safe sane place
your share of heaven

your own beloved
the heart who taught yours to love
your greatest desire

these things do not change
they neither evaporate
nor are forgotten

the sun in your hands
you will defeat the demons
and find your way home

my love never ends...
i wait alone in the dark
for your sun to rise




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