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a desired kiss
travels the moonlit landscapes
moving the stillness 

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his hills and valleys
undulate under my hand
landscape of my love
landscaper needed
nurture, vivify spurned lots
warm those dormant seeds
steep scarp scaled swiftly
atop atoll exhausted
upon notched incline
alley ways and Tom
a midnight hour purring
sunrise backyard sleep
Welcome, Pleasing Eyes! LOVE your avatar...

absorbing sunbeams
languidly stretched out full length
plumy tail twitching
dreaming unaware
of butterflies bees birds dogs
running racing fast
Beautiful, DD!

roots descend quickly
green shoots rush to meet the sun
life's joyous embrace
Venus awakens
earthscape blooms of new color
Horseshoe crabs skitter
In the zig zag water craze
rippled by her foot
late spring chaparral
crawling down the canyon
home to my wild neighbors

morning tracks in my garden
help yourself little ones
but don't be greedy .........
Welcome, Jack!

a cactus wren sings
a grey fox scents the dry wind
manzanita blooms
lean belly I love
up to his chest & nipples
end at that square chin!




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