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Things aren't going well--a misunderstanding with a loved one, slipping a deadline at work, illness, financial worries--but, against all odds, something tells you...



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you brighten my life
you assure me with one smile
that all will be well
fearful, unsure, lost
not knowing which way to turn...
peace comes...i move on
Winter tears flow full.
The deep ache of the North wind.
Warmth of Spring will come.
tears flowing freely
the ache, like a warm spring thaw,
feeds nascent blossoms
hear the train comin
its rollin around the bend
I ain't seen sunshine

I just don't know when
like stuck in Folsom prison
when my time will be

just keep on pushin
and trying to stay afloat
this boat will soon sail
A tree with lost leaves
Its' tears says winters coming
A time for growing
time will pass quickly
our days in the sun will come
nothing left but love
Her life, so precious
Her birthday, though, she won't share
And I sobbed alone
no onslaught of pain
no fear or resentfulness
can conquer our love
everything passes
good stuff, bad stuff--all fleeting
savour what you will
today's tomorrow
if you just wait long enough
just enjoy the now
sometimes, things work out
but sometimes they just don't; but
sometimes, things work out




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