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The best laid plans of mice and men...What would you do if you could?

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Oh, what I'd tell you
If I only had a brain,
unraveled riddles...
oh, how i'd love you
if i only had a heart
free as any bird
if I had courage
reluctance would soon phase out
action brings results
Oh, what I'd show you
If I only had some courage,
and then some.
have faith and believe
amor vincit omnia
and all will be well
echoes from our pasts:
if I were a carpenter
I'd build a lady
positive regard
simple concept for us all

your back is to me

i reach out, you move away

but i remember

if you can believe

that love goes on forever

i promise it will

turning back the clock
taking my place by your side
where i'm meant to be

i keep asking him
"why is it impossible?"
he never answers

if it could happen

the world would be different

nature's course is set




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